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5 Powerful Physique Building Foods

July 24, 2020 2 min read

5 Powerful Physique Building Foods

Looking for your go-to meals and snacks to get your physique right? We have 5 amazing foods that are proven to help sculpt your physique! 



1. Salmon

Salmon is one of the most if not the most powerful food you can eat. Packed with high amounts of quality protein and as well a powerful cocktail of anti-inflammatories, omega-3's and antioxidants. 

Do not forget that this is not only a physique builder, but a food that will greatly enhance your cognitive and immune ability. 

Salmon also has an unmatched carb to protein ratio. Which makes this a perfect choice when your looking to keep the protein high and the carbs low on either non-training days or when you are looking to drop some weight. 



2. Red Meat

Now yes, red meat is not the go-to choice for the high cholesterol individual but if you are looking to put on muscle, almost nothing else on the planet ( naturally ) can compete. The balance of fats, carbs and protein is a sure fire way to spark protein synthesis to help you recover and gain muscle. Red meat is also the perfect choice to get natural creatine. Creatine one of the most studied supplements of all time and is a powerful supplement to boost your ATP systems and overall muscle, strength and fat loss.


3. Green Tea

Green tea is not widely recognized to be a powerful physique enhancer, but it is. Green tea is powerful, because it is a excellent source of natural caffeine. Caffeine is a main stay in fat loss supplements as well as many pre-workout supplements. Artificially manufactured caffeine levels can be dangerous and counterproductive by releasing cortisol. Green tea has natural caffeine that will give you what you need to spark fat loss and keep energy high. Also, great for the skin!


4. Brown Rice

Carbs are not to be neglected. Especially if you are a highly active athlete. You just need to be eating the right carbs at the right time! Brown rice is the perfect complex carb. Packed with antioxidants and numerous studies to back that it is a great choice to enhance your protein synthesis!  Next time at chipotle pick the brown rice option, your body will thank you!



5. Nuts

The holy grail of snacks for muscle building. Nuts are packed with good fats that can keep your hormone levels in optimal muscle building levels. Also, they're easy and convenient to pack in your lunch bag. Low carb and have a good amount of protein. 

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