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8 Mistake You're Making While Trying To Diet

July 24, 2020 2 min read

8 Mistake You're Making While Trying To Diet

Looking to properly diet? 

Dieting can be challenging and confusing. If not done properly, you could end up just spinning your wheels. 

Here are 8 things to avoid to help you stay on track! 

1. Trying every diet under the sun

Make sure you stick to basics and not over complicate things. Bouncing around to different diets is only going to leave you spinning your wheels.


2. Eating food that is advertised as “healthy”

Learn how to educate yourself on the actual nutrition facts and ingredients don’t just fall for the marketing on the box because most of the time it is not the best option.


3. Overeating at night

This can cause elevated cortisol levels and poor sleep and digestion. This can cause a bunch of issues that can hurt your fat loss objective.


4. Not eating enough protein

Women act like protein is evil a lot of the times. They’re failing to realize that it is crucial for preserving and building muscle and keeping you feeling full as well as numerous other benefits.


5. Not eating for muscle growth

Women obsess about fat loss so they think they need to starve themselves. This is the wrong mindset. You need to be eating a adequate amount of calories to put yourself in a anabolic state to assure fat loss, building muscle and keeping your hormone levels in check.


6. Not understanding dietary fats. 

Women need fats to decrease inflammation and promote fat loss. Incorporating omega-3’s are crucial.


7. Going to the extremes with carbs.

You have to remember carbs are energy. Don’t eat too much when you don’t need them and make sure you eat enough to power your workouts. Keep it balanced, and eat them with a purpose.


8. Don’t cut out your favorite foods.

Yes, you heard it right. Cutting out your favorite foods isn’t necessary and can often lead you to bingeing. Learn how to time them right instead, and use them as energy for your workouts and to help you recover.

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