The Active Minimalist: How to Create an Active Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe

The Active Minimalist: How to Create an Active Lifestyle Capsule Wardrobe

You’re running late to a training session, frantically searching through piles of clothes for your favorite workout shirt. 

Eventually you give up and select a t-shirt you don’t feel as good in. A week later, you find the shirt you were looking for — too little too late. 

A cluttered closet simply doesn’t mesh with an active lifestyle. Creating a capsule wardrobe can help unlock your full potential as an athlete. 

Building an active lifestyle capsule wardrobe can make you feel more comfortable, confident, and ready to take on your next adventure. 

Curating an active lifestyle capsule wardrobe involves applying the “less is more” mentality to your activewear. Like exercising efficiently to get the greatest gains from your training, narrowing your apparel selection allows you to focus your mental energy for improved performance. 

Having a clear mind is critical for peak performance. A more organized closet at home can reduce stress and decision fatigue, allowing you to direct all of your energy toward living your best life. 

An active lifestyle capsule wardrobe makes everything easier. A hand-crafted selection of quality apparel lets you prepare for your next workout more quickly. 

It also saves you money. Instead of rushing to buy more athletic shorts every time there’s a sale, you can save up for better quality pieces, new equipment, or anything else that adds value to your life. 

Not only is an active lifestyle capsule wardrobe better for you, but it helps the planet too. 

Overconsumption is a major issue in the fashion industry. Around 2,150 items of clothing are thrown away each year in the U.S. alone. 

On top of that, much of conventional activewear is made from non-natural fabrics, like polyester and nylon. These synthetic materials are actually contributing to climate change. Producing man-made textiles currently accounts for 1.35% of oil consumption worldwide.

Last but not least, microplastics are the dirty little secret of traditional activewear brands. Up to 35% of microplastics in the ocean come from synthetic clothes. This means the clothes conventional athleticwear companies are encouraging you to go outside in are the same ones harming the environment. 

As active participants in life, it’s our responsibility to take care in what we do and who it affects. Especially for those who love spending time in nature, it’s important to make sure that what we wear has a positive impact on the surrounding environment. 

Conscious living with a capsule wardrobe is the solution to all of these issues. Buying and keeping quality, sustainable technical apparel is the number one way you can help with fast fashion’s environmental issues as an athlete. 

So how exactly do you establish an active capsule wardrobe? The process is fairly straightforward.

All you need to do is follow these simple steps to construct your own active lifestyle capsule wardrobe:

  1. Cut down on your clothes.


Give away the activewear that you never wear. Skip aspirational sizing and keep what fits now. Hold on to the apparel you feel most comfortable and confident in, and let go of the rest. 


  1. Discover your style.


Now that you have all your favorite pieces together, take a look and see what they have in common. Get creative with mixing and matching your active clothing to make new outfit combinations and for optimal feel and comfort in your workouts.  


  1. Shop intentionally.


Put thought into what you want to buy on the occasional shopping trip. Less frequent shopping trips are an opportunity to hone in on pieces that fit your personal fashion preferences. Look for apparel that is versatile, made to last, and sustainable. 


  1. Enjoy the ease of your new active capsule wardrobe! 

In addition to finding and curating your personal style, capsule wardrobes foster discipline. They are perfect for anyone active, from aspiring to professional athletes. Really anyone who cares about self-improvement and personal growth can benefit from forming a capsule wardrobe. 

At Allwear, we created apparel for all as the ultimate solution for people living an active lifestyle. 

Our sustainable technical apparel is designed both for form and functionality. The pieces are versatile, durable, and eco-friendly, making them perfect for any active lifestyle capsule wardrobe. 

It’s about becoming more conscious. Apply mindfulness and intentionality to everything you do, and you will see incredible results, both physically and mentally. Starting with your clothing choices. 

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