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July 03, 2019 2 min read


Athletic Wear Has Become a Wardrobe Staple.


There is truly a leggings craze going on. Like most of you, I own at least 20 pairs of leggings. They hang in my closet on the (big girl) velvet hangers, next to my designer jeans. They are a wardrobe staple, to say the least. I have them organized by color, pattern and fit. As a mom of two young kids, I need to be able to move, be comfortable and still have some style. I wear leggings at least three times times a week. I’m not alone. Women of all ages are killing the athletic, leisure wear game.


We aren’t talking basic black leggings anymore. The options are endless and it’s all about expressing your own unique style. There are leggings available for all body shapes and sizes. Wearing a pair of leggings is empowering. You show off what you’ve got and you get to just be comfortable. Jeans are great, don’t get me wrong. But, when I have a million things to do, I always end up choosing leggings.


This fashion craze is being driven from our favorite celebrities and style mavens. Bike shorts and heels are the new fashion statement. Hardcore athletes are no longer the only people enjoying athletic wear. Now, anyone can roll up to brunch or “run” errands in their favorite spandex selection.


The Athlete Body Women’s Collection, has a really unique array of leggings. I love experimenting with different looks and combinations. I could wear a different pair of leggings everyday. The vibe never gets old! And I love to match up leggings with tops that are kind of unexpected. Like vintage t-shirts, vans, or my favorite sandal. I have even matched them up with cowboy boots and a long cardigan. The options are endless. The more creative, the better.


Most recently, I wore my Athlete Body Inner Spirit Leopard Leggings with a cropped black t-shirt, denim jacket and black studded sandals. It was the perfect outfit for a day of shopping and lunch out with friends.


I am absolutely crazy about the Athlete Body Fitness Lux Pink Leopard Yoga set. It paired it with black canvas vans and a black boyfriend cardigan. It was so cute, I feel like I always get a ton of compliments in this set! I am all about sets, lately. It’s like a ready made outfit and I can still incorporate my own style into it.


The Athlete Body Fitness Fresh Start Mesh leggings are definitely my go-to. I ordered them in black and I have created so many different looks with them. I love matching them up with a cropped hoodie, favorite pair of flip flops and a messy bun. It’s truly the perfect outfit for a mani and pedi day with my girls.

The options are endless. Let us know what you incorporate Athlete Body Fitness into your daily fashion!  Feel free to post pics in the comment section. Get creative!

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